Since 2002, Eco Homes has been a market leader in the construction of prefabricated houses. Our prefabricated houses are built using reinforced concrete and take 12 weeks to construct. Our cost is Kshs 40,000 per square metres for areas within Nairobi. This is subject to site visit and VAT.

Our houses are built to the following specifications:

1. Foundation and Floor:
Reinforced Concrete raft slab 100mm thick with A142BRC mesh on 500mm hardcore bed with sand blinding and 500g polythene DPM with anti-termite treatment to all areas under the slab
2. Walling:
Eco-homes prefabricated modular walling panels cast on reinforced concrete, by Bamburi special products Ltd. Manufactured specifically for Eco-Homes Ltd.
3. Windows:
Grilled standard casement windows
4. Roofing:
Standard roof will be of MRM Mabati gauge 28 coloured roofing sheet. Other roofing styles and materials may be determined by the client. Cost will vary from one choice to another. Gutters and down pipes are not included.
5. Internal and External Doors :
Internal doors will be standard framed flush doors. External are made of steel with a grilled window.
6. Flooring:
Cement screed floor finish. The floor finish could be of any other material as determined by clients at extra cost.
7. Plumbing:
Plumbing will be done to the first manhole maximum 1 metre from the house. Sewer connections and septic tanks are not included in the sample costs. Main water connections to be supplied by the client to within 1 metre of the house
8. Electrical installation:
Electrical wiring will be done up to the meter box and the client will supply all mains connection from Kenya Power to the house.
9. Finishing:
Ceiling will be of ceiling boards 10mm inclusive of brandering. Painting is to all internal and external walls. Client is free to provide the choice of color.

73 sqm house

  • 3 bedroom house, master en suite
  • Standard roof
  • Lounge with dining area
  • From Kshs 3,387,200 (VAT inclusive)

64 sqm house

  • 2 or 3 bedroom house, master en suite
  • Standard roof
  • Lounge with dining area
  • From Kshs 2,969,600 (VAT inclusive)