At Eco Homes our engineers and technicians can modify shipping containers for virtually any use. So if you require extra office space, living home or shops, our team can help. Our highly skilled team of engineers can convert securely stacked containers into a multi-story building, with internal or external stairs. We can construct temporary and permanent buildings.

As the name suggests, Modifications are done from shipping containers which are refitted for use as modular units. The containers can be tailored to fit the size requirements of the client. Containers can be used as offices and shops, depending on the needs of the client

Eco Homes can install plumbing and an electrical system into the shipping containers. We can also modify them with additional shuttered windows. When these windows are not in use they can be shuttered and secured like the rest of the building, keeping your workplace belongings safe and secure. Inside a modified shipping container you will see little difference between the container and a traditionally constructed building.

Eco Homes customised units can be fitted with toiletries and sanitation, electrical system, walled, and fully insulated.